B4RN official faqs: https://b4rn.org.uk/resources/faqs/

Why are you pushing B4RN?

It is the only foreseeable option for getting full-fibre broadband to every property in Kirkby Ireleth. BT Openreach will only provide fibre to easy to reach properties.

According to all reviews and reports, B4RN is exceptional as an Internet Service Provider. They allow a huge range of subscription options, they are inexpensive, they have an excellent maintenance record.

Since they are specifically set up to cater for rural communities, B4RN are better to deal with than the larger providers. For example, they have 24-hour monitoring on their network, so that if a fault does occur they know exactly where it is immediately, and go and fix it – often before users even realise they are needed.

B4RN provide their full 1 Gigabit service to every property. The government only commit internet companies to 85% of properties in any specific area, so the hardest-to-reach dwellings (which are normally the ones with the worst internet) still usually miss out. We don’t want that to happen, and with B4RN it wouldn’t.

Isn’t 70/80 mb more than adequate for any business round here?

By today’s standards 70/80 Megabits per second seems OK. But 20 years ago 28.8 kilobits per second seemed OK! Digital developments move fast and are constantly advancing.

The rest of the country is getting full fibre. Why should they have that advantage and not us?

1000Mbps also means that you can have many different users accessing the internet simultaneously with no noticeable degradation in performance.

Can you switch to an alternative provider over the B4RN network to get a cheaper alternative?

This is not the case, the B4RN network is purely for B4RN customers. There are also no cheaper options for a gigabit (1000Mbps) connection than B4RN at £30 per month. B4RN is a not for profit organisation which you can buy shares in, gaining a vote. You can vote on whether the monthly price should go up or down – so it is unlikely to change. It has been £30 per month for 10 years!

Is the distance to your property an issue?

The B4RN network uses fibre optic cables direct to your property, information is transmitted via pulses of light almost instantly so there are no distance issues unlike old copper.

I’m still in contract, can I get B4RN later?

If you are still in contract with an existing broadband supplier you can get fibre connected to your property and then join B4RN at a later date. It works out cheaper to build in one go rather than coming back. Even better if you connect for 1 month then cancel, our project can still receive a voucher towards the overall build costs. If you don’t get connected now it may cost you more in the future.

How long are you tied into B4RN for?

The minimum period is 1 month. https://b4rn.org.uk/b4rn-service/terms-conditions/

Will I still need my telephone landline?

No, you do not need your telephone landline. You can keep it if you wish, continuing to pay your landline charges. However you could move to VOIP (Voice Over IP), basically using existing telephones over the internet.

What TV packages can be used?

If you have a bundled TV package with your existing supplier, you may need to switch to an alternative package. Most TV packages will work great over B4RN eg Sky Q, NOW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV.

Can I keep my existing email address?

If your current email address is with your current broadband provider and you want to retain your email address, your current provider may have an option eg BT Broadband offer BT Premium Mail for £7.50 per month. If your email is provided by another provider than your current broadband supplier you should be able to continue using that eg gmail, hotmail, yahoo, fasthosts etc

Tenanted properties / Holiday lets

If you have tenanted properties (and the tenants haven’t already registered) or holiday lets could you please register interest with a different email address for each. These additional properties should then also qualify for vouchers towards our community broadband. You can setup gmail email accounts if necessary, we can help if required.

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