Well Done – Kirkby Ireleth

We have reached 40% interest in our B4RN community fibre broadband project.  We will shortly be sharing the ‘Get B4RN’ links to allow everyone to apply for B4RN and their government voucher towards the project. The pressure will be on now as we need to get everyone registered for vouchers by 10th September and ourContinue reading “Well Done – Kirkby Ireleth”

Application for link to B4RN

Exciting news, just in: B4RN have completed the application for the link between Kirkby Ireleth and Witherslack (B4RN’s nearest existing network). This is basically like a fibre tunnel temporarily using Openreach Dark Fibre. The next step is a survey with an Openreach engineer to confirm this will all work, but it is looking promising. BasicallyContinue reading “Application for link to B4RN”

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