Sign Up – Help

We had some feedback on the sign up/voucher request form being confusing so have added some notes:

Go to and enter your post code.

For a residential property you just need to fill in the asterisked fields. The following descriptions match the green boxes on my image below.

1 Towards the end of the form you are asked to run a speed test, I think its best to run this first by clicking “(Please click here to test)”, this may open in a new tab.

2 Make a note of the download speed and enter this in the “Current speed down in Mbps” field.

3 Fill in your contact details

4 Fill in your address

5 Select connection type Residential

6 Choose when you would like your service to start

7 For now select Dig Grant Option 1, this can be changed later when the requirements for the duct to your property have been decided.

Then click the ‘Submit Voucher Request’ button at the end of the form.

If you still have questions or are struggling to fill in the form, please do get in touch with us asap and we will help. Please remember the deadline at which point B4RN will look at the numbers is this Friday 10th September.

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